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Clemenger gets ranked at number one for graduates, Business Desk gets a $680,000 promotional vehicle and Ancestry ANZ partners with Spark Foundry

Clemenger Group ranked ‘best place to work’ by Kiwi graduates.

Results from a survey conducted for GradNewZealand show that Clemenger Group was the most desired workplace for the media and communications sector.

Clemenger Group CEO Jim Gall says the business is thrilled with the recognition they have had as they have worked hard to offer young people a helping hand to start their working life.

“We’re operating in a world where talent is getting harder to attract, at a time when New Zealand organisations need intelligent creativity more than ever. We’ve set ourselves clear goals to find and train the next generation of creative minds” says Gall.

Evident from recent research, upcoming generations are becoming clearer on their employment wants and needs and tend to find a workplace that aligns with their values.

Clemenger Group launched a new graduate programme last year which aims to provide ambitious young people with the industry skills and experience they desire.

“With our graduate programme, we want to inspire and excite those starting out about a career in advertising and marketing, showing how their work shapes popular culture and, at its best, can lead to positive behaviour change,” says Gall.

Looking forward, Gall says Clemenger aspires to eventually lead all sectors in New Zealand, not just media and communications.

Graduates looking to inquire or register for Clemenger Group New Zealand’s 2021 programme can follow this link: https://gradnewzealand.nz/graduate-employers/clemenger-group

“The Rolls-Royce of business news sites

Promoting the launch of their news site, BusinessDesk is using New Zealand’s only Rolls-Royce Cullinan to entertain the streets of downtown Auckland. The $680,000 car will be towing a billboard with the company’s slogan “follow the money” over the next few days.

BusinessDesk’s official launch will commence on February 26 after having soft-launched in November. Publisher Matt Martel says the billboard slogan “follow the money” came from the film “All the President’s Men” and is essentially linked to good journalism.

“With almost any story, Follow the Money to find out the motivations of those involved,” says Martel.

Ancestry ANZ partners with Spark Foundry

It has been announced today that Spark Foundry has joined forces with Ancestry ANZ to handle the media strategy, planning and buying account.

Hosting the world’s largest collection of family history records, Ancestry assists people in finding their family history and discovering their ancestors. The company additionally provides a consumer DNA kit which expands users genealogy research and connects DNA matches.

Ancestry ANZ country manager Nigel Seeto praises Spark Foundry for showing a deep understanding of Ancestry’s business and its customers.

“We look forward to working together and to put our media strategy into action,” says Seeto.

“We’d also like to thank our previous media agency, OMD, for their work in helping to build the Ancestry business in Australia and New Zealand over the past several years.”

Spark Foundry Australia CEO Imogen Hewitt says the partnership with a market-leading brand such as Ancestry is an exciting way to kick start the new year.

Spark Foundry Australia COO Matthew Turl added the team are excited to further Ancestry’s growth across Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re excited to help people gain a new level of understanding about their lives by discovering their family history.”

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