A stark approach: FCB encourage fire safety

Following last week’s campaign ‘Escape Week’ which focused on making sure all Kiwis have a plan to escape their house in a fire, Fire and Emergency and FCB have now released a chilling advert to enforce their message.

Using only audio and text, the three minute advert depicts the scenario of a family attempting to escape their burning home without having a plan organised. Haunting cries from a baby and the sound of frantic parents desperately trying to get the family out, effectively draws the audience in.

As house fires are more common than most people realise, with a fire occurring every three hours somewhere in New Zealand, it is imperative that people know what to do and have a plan in place.

The unique video begins with the words ‘for the next three minutes there will be no other ads.’

Followed by ‘Make a plan at escapemyhouse.co.nz during this time.’

Therefore, using these opening lines, the campaign instantly captivates viewers, prompting New Zealanders to visit FCB’s site escapemyhouse and spend three minutes creating a potentially life-saving plan.

“Using our escape my house tool will make you think about important things that you may not have considered,” says National Advisor Fire Risk Management, Peter Gallagher.

“Things like a second exit in case your normal exit is blocked, making sure you know where your keys are if doors are deadlocked and having a safe meeting place for everyone in your household.”

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