StopPress alternative RWC infographics: oil spills

Last week’s contribution from infographics.co.nz saw New Zealand at the bottom of the heap when it came to corruption. But being at the bottom of the heap this week for the most significant oil spill will be of little consolation to Bay of Plenty residents currently dealing with the fallout from Rena.

As we all know corruption and oil go hand in hand. So it’s not surprising the most corrupt of the semi-finalists, France, has also had the worst oil spill, with Wales and Australia a long way behind. The phrases ‘Oil spill’ and ‘New Zealand’ in the same sentence sound very foreign to Kiwis and if it was not for the Rena disaster last week, New Zealand would not have even made the cut (the figures for New Zealand are based on the full allotment of oil still onboard the Rena).

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