Sticks and all: ASB celebrates financial literacy education

Remember setting up a lemonade or baking stall when you were younger to raise some money? In its latest campaign, ASB shows that kids today are doing the same – but with more business acumen. 

In the 30 second spot called ‘Cash Clever Kids’ by True, a young girl called Hana, with Clever Kash the elephant as her assistant, sets up her own company in a park selling ‘dog toy’ sticks for dogs. Hana creates her venture using the knowledge she learnt through ASB GetWise.

ASB marketing general manager Shane Evans says the campaign is a celebration of the bank’s core purpose of accelerating the financial progress of New Zealanders.

“We know how important it is to establish good savings habits from an early age, which is where our savings assistant Clever Kash and the ASB GetWise programme, which has been running for more than ten years, can play a role,” Evans says.

Set up in 2010, the ASB GetWise financial literacy programme has seen more than 850,000 primary and intermediate school kids sign up to learn the basics of money and making good financial decisions.

“We’re moving more and more into a world where we’re dealing with money on a screen rather than in our hand, and it’s this shift towards digital which means it’s more important than ever for Kiwi kids to have these essential basic skills and knowledge around money and how to save,” Evans says.

“We knew this needed to start at school, but we also knew it had to be fun and engaging, which I think we have achieved.”

 True executive creative director Tim Huse says seeing ASB’s GetWise programme at work in the classroom is inspiring.

“But it’s the confidence which these ‘cash clever kids’ then take into the real world that caught our imagination.”

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