Colenso BBDO and State Insurance aim to keep Kiwis safe with discount app

Given that an insurance claim is equally undesirable for both the insurer and the insured, State Insurance has launched a new campaign that it hopes will ensure that Kiwi drivers don’t get to the stage where they have to deal with the unceremonious clang of metal colliding on the tarmac.

The ‘motor services pack’ campaign, launched via Colenso BBDO on Easter Monday, gives State clients exclusive access to a range of deals at VTNZ, Z and Bridgestone via a specially designed app that can be downloaded from the insurance company’s website

“Partnering with Z, VTNZ and Bridgestone has allowed us to offer some great deals to our customers and reward them for their loyalty on an ongoing basis,” says State marketing manager Emma Scoringe.  

Once the app has been downloaded, State clients need only display their phones at the participating stores to benefit from the range of discounts on services offered by the participating stores. 

At the moment the app is only available for iPhone users, but the State website says that a Google Play version will be launched in early May. Those who don’t have an iPhone and don’t want to wait for the release date of the Google version can however download vouchers by entering their State insurance details on the website. 

To spread awareness of the campaign, State has also launched a 30-second TVC, which was shot under the directorial guidance of Finch’s Jae Morrison.


Morrison collaborated with Hollywood production designer Phil Ivey, cinematographer Duncan Cole and Andrew Timms and Mat Ellin at Beryl to produce elaborate, forced-perspective sets. These sets, viewed from a specific angle, create the illusion of a car accident. When the camera moves, it reveals the damage never happened.

“Usually with an insurance ad, you’d expect crashed cars to get repaired. This commercial was about prevention, so we needed a technique that showed crashed cars, which were revealed to be undamaged. Forced-perspective models and screens allowed us to do just that, while making the reveal really watchable,” says Morrison.

This approach marks a significant divergence from the usual insurance advertising narrative that promises to repair the damage once it’s done.

Research from the New Zealand Transport Agency suggests that vehicle faults were reported as a contributing factor in around 446 of all crashes during 2008, with the most common faults being worn tyres, punctures, faulty brakes and insecure loads.

In the 2012 statistics, problems with vehicles on the road were again a major contributing factor to accidents, with body chassis problems causing 70 accidents, tyre issues causing 60, windscreen problems causing 20, faulty brakes causing eight, steering faults causing six, lights and reflectors causing eight, and other mechanical faults causing six.

Interestingly, the issue of worn tyres is afforded specific attention in a radio ad that is currently airing as part of the campaign. The two-part ad first explains that a person with treaded tyres is likely to stop in an emergency situation, while the second section uses the sound effects of a crash to illustrate what is likely to happen when tyres become worn.  

Since such contributing factors can be avoided if car owners keep their cars in a roadworthy condition, this move by State could be seen as a means by which car owners are encouraged to keep their vehicles in good condition.   

According to a release from Colenso, State also intends to roll out a range of further promotions that build on this premise in the coming months. 


Agency: ColensoBBDO
Client: State Insurance 
IAG GM Marketing & Communications: Richard Buitenhek
Marketing Manager – State: Emma Scoringe
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Creative team: Mick Stalker & Jim Walsh
Planner: Andy McLeish
Business Director: Brodie Reid
Agency Producer: Jen Storey

Production Company: Finch Company
Director/Editor: Jae Morrison
Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo, Karen Bryson
Producer: Jimena Murray
DP: Duncan Cole
Post Production: Andrew Timms, Matt Ellin, Paul Dickson @ Beryl

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