Special and Smirnoff team up for 100 Days

Smirnoff via Special Group have released a new campaign, ‘100 Days, 100 Ways’, to demonstrate the pure potential every day holds.

Lights, camera, reaction: Smirnoff is attempting to create 100 drinks based on the social ingredients of the day that come to hand – from viral celebrity clangers to TikTok Trends, news moments to pop culture milestones.

‘100 Days, 100 Ways’ is one of Smirnoff’s most ambitious challenges yet that will see a dozen-strong agency team working to find events, trends, and news so mixologist Chase Bickerton can recommend 100 drinks over 100 consecutive days. 

The drink names and recipes will be created in response to the news agenda, before being dispatched for amplification across OOH, digital placements and social media.

“At Smirnoff we see the Pure Potential in every day – whether that’s the Monday which kickstarts a new working week, or the pinnacle of the year at a New Year’s party.  It’s certainly a challenging campaign, but we know Special have their fingers on the pulse and are confident we’ll be able to curate a line-up that immortalises our Kiwi summer.  We want to showcase that potential to our fans, and hope people can enjoy some of their favourite picks from the 100 drinks. I can’t wait to see the ‘trend-tails’ our team comes up with,” says Tim Norman, Senior Brand Manager at Smirnoff.

“There is potential all around us, and when it comes to mixing a drink, inspiration doesn’t have to be limited to physical ingredients,” says Special co-founder and CEO Tony Bradbourne.

“It’s going to be a fun and fast summer with limited time each day to dispatch a daily drink that embodies the pure potential of each day.”

“After converting a 30 tonne concrete mixing truck into the world’s biggest cocktail mixer, and unlocking the potential of anyone’s fridge via Instagram, this is one of the most exciting demonstrations of Smirnoff’s long-standing ‘Pure Potential’ brand platform.”

Smirnoff are toasting the first of 100 days with bubbles in an extra-effervescent number dubbed ‘The Premiere’; a pineapple spritz with a celebratory twist, made with Smirnoff Vodka, pineapple and cranberry juice, soda and ice.

New Zealanders looking to take part in Smirnoff’s event can follow ‘100 Days, 100 Ways’ at @smirnoffnz on Instagram.

The campaign runs until Wednesday, January 26, 2022 and is managed by an inter-agency line-up including Special, Special PR, and MediaCom.

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