Spark bankrolls music section on The Spinoff

Spark today announced a partnership with online magazine The Spinoff, which will allow for the introduction of a new music section on the website from 1 November.

The section will be dedicated to music news, discussion and storytelling, with a big focus on the local scene.

The Spinoff editor Duncan Greive says the aim of this section will be to fill the storytelling gap left following the closure of many of New Zealand’s major music magazines.  

Greive says the focus will be on a wide range of genres, and that it will be “bold and opinionated and passionate.”

Greive has handed the editorial baton to Henry Oliver, who joins from a stint as the editor at Idealog, where is now referred to interchangeably as ‘The Traitor’ or ‘The Scorpion’ (you stung us deep, Henzyme, real deep). 

We would also like to apologise to The Spinoff team for the tar and feathers that may well still be attached to him when he arrives. Our ‘Flogging of the Traitor’ ceremony got a little carried away.

On a more serious note, Oliver has been closely involved with the New Zealand music scene for many years, having played as the bassist in Die Die Die and also contributing to Real Groove magazine, when it was edited by Greive.

The move also makes sense for Spark, given the telco’s close affiliation with music through it’s partnership with Spotify.

This link to music was reinforced in Spark’s most recent campaign, which told the story of a father bonding with his daughter through the power of music.   

Spark’s general manger of customer and marketing Clive Ormerod has also spoken extensively about how the brand is trying to shift focus away from the technology itself to what the technology enables.

“For us, this is about helping more New Zealand music thrive and using technology to provide amazing experiences that get people closer to the music they love,” said Ormerod, “We believe that having this dedicated space to celebrate New Zealand music will be a key to that happening.”

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