Southern Cross Health Society wants Kiwis to live their healthiest lives

Southern Cross Health Society is encouraging Kiwis to take a break from the busy and take their lives back in a new brand platform by True and MBM.

Called ‘Take Life Back,’ the platform, created with True and MBM, is based on the proposition that the biggest threat to health and wellbeing is modern life. Humans are busier, more conflicted, more distracted and more compromised than ever before while digital devices, social media, the proliferation of information and the massive escalation of choice have created a new set of unhealthy habits.

According to Southern Cross Health Society, mental health issues and ‘lifestyle’ diseases are on the rise.

With that in mind, the TVC features Kiwis living their busy, stressful lives before taking life back by rediscovering the pleasures of connection, family time and the great New Zealand outdoors.

Further encouragement comes in the form of digital content and a social media ‘life hacks’ campaign to invite Kiwis to share how they are taking life back.

These follow the launch of Southern Cross Health Society’s launch of its first product in the space: BeingWell, a holistic workplace well-being programme for businesses.

Chief marketing officer Chris Watney explains the campaign is part of Southern Cross Health Society’s vision to empower Kiwis to live their healthiest lives.

He says more than 860,000 Kiwis trust it to help them get the treatment they need to get well when they are ill but its vision is much broader than that.

“We have always been about creating a healthier New Zealand society. Now we are also focusing on the everyday health and well-being decisions that we all make, empowering Kiwis to be well and stay well, as well as being there for them when they’re ill.”

True was appointed as Southern Cross Health Society’s brand and communications agency in November last year.

At the time, Watney said the member-owned organisation was looking for strength in the brand space as it seeks to transition from being a health insurer to a health and wellbeing assurer.

With that aim now demonstrated in the new campaign, True managing director Steve Kane says when developing the new platform, it tapped into the cultural truth that the modern condition is putting our wellbeing at risk.

It’s the second piece of Southern Cross work rolled out by True this month. Last week, Southern Cross Travel Insurance launched ‘Free Your Adventure’ that encourages Kiwis to consider what excited them about travel, rather than focus on what might disrupt plans.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance chief customer officer Jo McCauley says the campaign is the result of the brand wanting to move away from the approach of previous campaigns that reminded travellers that they never know what disruptions may affect their journey.

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