Social eating: Burger Burger’s physical/digital expansion

The rapidly growing ‘better burger‘ segment has brought joy to the mouths of many New Zealanders—and some concern to the cheaper, more quotidian fast food incumbents (in a classic case of if you can’t beat them, join them, McDonald’s is attempting to ride the premium train with some new ‘create your own‘ options). Burger Burger has quickly become one of Auckland’s favourite posh burger establishments since Mimi Gilmour, she of Mexico fame, launched it last year and Motion Sickness Studio (MSS) has helped make that happen. 

MSS’ Sam Stuchbury says its relationship with Burger Burger has grown from being regular pulled pork burger and charred broccoli eaters to full service creatives in charge of website design, video content, social media strategy and a bunch of design and photography. 

To promote the launch of the new Newmarket store, it created a brand video and used the hyperlapse technique, which meant taking over 2,000 images and stitching them together to form one short film. He says that has been watched 27,000 times through Facebook video (around 12,000), Facebook video ads, YouTube ads and YouTube video. It also designed promotional material, launch party invitations, feedback cards, posters and even a neon sign for the new branch. 

“Burger Burger were after a content heavy, video focused website, with a lot of emphasis on ‘ordering online’ [that isn’t yet available on the site, however]. Combining elements of their brand image with our photography and video, we were able to create an aesthetic that is consistent with the Burger Burger in-store look, and places the focus on the right areas.” 

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While Facebook is the dominant social channel in New Zealand, Snapchat is starting to be used more regularly by brands hoping to court the young and tech savvy. And Burger Burger has benefitted from that, using print and other social media platforms to gain over 2,500 followers and 5,000 Snapstory views in one week.

“We also used this new platform to drive customers through Snapchat-based burger vouchers,” he says. “With a great following, Burger Burger’s Snapchat is used to push general content, and highlight what is happening instore.” 

As for MSS, it’s going from strength to strength, with turnover increasing by 78 percent in the last year. In that time, Stuchbury says it has developed into more of a full service agency rather than a studio, hence the movement to towards ‘MSS‘ on its new website, rather than Motion Sickness Studio. 

In addition to Killinchy Gold, Stolen Rum, Movenpick, The University of Auckland and Dunedin Tourism, it has also added Maserati, Lotus and BePure, a healthcare company founded by nutritionist Ben Warren, to its roster recently. 

“In the past few months we have hired two new staff members to work specifically in the digital/social media side of our business. We needed to expand the team due to new clients and a few existing clients becoming full service. In total we have a core team of five and have a few more team members that work from project to project on a casual basis.” 

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