Snakk looks to capitalise on dual-screening by synching mobile and TV ads

Accenture recently showed that 87 percent of individuals watch TV with their devices within arm’s reach, meaning that a smartphone can quickly become a medium by which to escape the advertising that punctuates a television show. Add to this the fact that Google’s recent Consumer Barometer report showed that 72 percent of Kiwis own a smartphone and that almost a quarter of the population now access the internet more often via a smartphone than any other device and it becomes clear that smartphones are a place where brands should be. 

This is not to say that television, which continues to reach 92 percent of the population, should be abandoned as an advertising channel, but that it should rather be used in conjunction with other available channels. 

To give advertisers the option of doing this, Snakk Media has now launched its TV Sync technology, which detects a brand advertiser’s TV commercial as it is broadcast in real-time, and then immediately delivers highly-targeted mobile ad campaigns into mobile apps and social media newsfeeds.

The technology originally launched in Australia back in November, and it has since then run campaigns with Peugeot, NAB, Nestle/Uncle Tobys, TAB, Holden and Citibank. This is, however, the first time that Snakk has made the service available to local markets. 

“Brands who have used our TV Sync product in Australia have noticed a strong uplift in activity across their websites and other digital properties during the ad breaks, triggered by their mobile and TV ads coinciding,” said Snakk group chief executive Mark Ryan in a release. “It gives television advertisers the opportunity to reconnect with mobile audiences who are often focusing on their second screen during commercial breaks.”

Snakk’s research shows that more than half of New Zealanders look at mobile screens while watching television, providing added impetus for brands to try out the service. 

According to New Zealand Country Manager Niko Toluono, there has already been strong interest from local brands and there apparently several campaigns are already in the pipeline, with the first one set to be launched in the next quarter. 

Snakk’s offering arrives late in the local market, with Acquire Online having released a similar offering in November last year. 

At the time of the launch Acquire Online media director Anthony Ord also pointed out that the technology could be useful for smaller advertisers: “For challenger brands who can’t afford to be on TV all the time, they’ll be able to synchronise their online advertising with competitive TV advertising, just when category awareness and intent has been created. In addition, running a synchronised online campaign with Effective Measure audience tracking on board will give advertisers a quality brand measure of online ratings.”

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