GTA – New Zealand style

For those Kiwi gamers who play GTAV and just wish they could feel more at home by seeing familiar New Zealand advertising … and gangs, well this might just be the opportunity.

Armed with a PC and Photoshop, New Zealander Dre Hema-Kani has inserted local brands onto billboards and storefronts and even chucked in a Mongrel Mob member for good measure “Because GTAV has gangs, I made the gangs New Zealand”.

Hema-Kani told Vice he named it The Creators Project and says he wanted to turn the game into somewhere that reminded him of home. “Driving around, seeing familiar things. It was more for myself than anyone else, but I’ve had heaps more interest than I expected. I only put it on Reddit to see if my gaming friends were into it, and if people in New Zealand would actually download it.”

Hema-Kani even made trucks and trailers that represent companies from around New Zealand like Pak ‘n Save, Supercheap Auto and other New Zealand others. There was even an Air New Zealand plane and billboards featuring New Zealand anti-speeding campaign images.

He said his mods (rewriting code to change the appearance) are a work in progress and he plans to do more work on it, then upgrade it.

See the original Vice story here.

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