Smart mobile moves, cool creative challenges and epic social media non-fails

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Wonderful pearls of Wammo, Pound and Mash marcomms wisdom that have been carefully harvested from the oyster of ignorance especially for you.

Great news for the Handley brothers, who have sold their company The Hyperfactory to Meredith Corporation. It’s a big deal to get a big price for IP. And I think they may have sold at a very clever time. They were pioneers in an industry lots of others are now attacking and the mystery that gave them the margin is going. It’s a smart move to get big resource behind them to fight the big guys now piling in.

Adshel’s Creative Challenge is a cool idea (and I’ll be taking part with Running With Scissors). So let’s talk about what it is and why they’re doing it.

And in the never ending Old Spice chronicles here is a genius use of social media that adds to their gold Lion for film, the most traditional of wins at Cannes. They got Isiah to deliver personal messages (in a move slightly reminiscent of the Iggy invites that Special Group did for Together Incredible) and here are some examples that will gain them immense free media, because all these shows and content channels highlight their personal element. Isn’t that splendid. And can we please now never speak of it again.

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