Slow and steady wins the race

Marathons! Why do people do them? We’re told it’s for the sense of glory and achievement, but what if running just isn’t our thing? All that sweating, chafing and dehydration aren’t the most attractive aspects of running for A Very Long Time, so Droga 5 and Paramount have created the world’s first ever slow-mo marathon to let us dabble in the fun without the pesky physical downsides. 

“Is being in the lead a bad thing?” Good point, we’re not too sure.

The illogical yet humorous concept is all to promote Baywatch, Paramount’s cinematic reboot of the iconic 90s TV classic where sunkissed babes and glistening bods galloped onto our TV screens. And while the film itself appears less than promising (Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson star as the main charactersc), at least it’s an excuse to reminisce 

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