A feast for the eyes

There’s nothing trendier than a food truck, but this food truck from Nikon has an optical catch—it only serves food you can read off the menu.

Nikon, who have branched off into making the glass that goes into eyewear, and French agency Altmann+Pacreau, have created the ‘Vision Food Truck’. The aim is to not only promote the Nikon Lenswear brand, but trick people into getting an eye test too.

The menu, sneakily enough, is posted on the back of the truck and is set out like an eye exam so you’re only able to order what you can see.

At this point you might be thinking, ‘So what? I’ll just get the cheeseburger.’ Well, the menu isn’t quite that simple. Instead of predetermined meals, it lists a series of ingredients instead that you have to list out to create your order. Basics like bread and lettuce are in a nice big font, while things like cheese, onions and meat are progressively smaller. 

Those who can see get a nice hearty burger. Those who can’t get something a lot more paltry (before being directed to an area next to the pop up to take an actual machine-driven eye test).

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