Sling & Stone introduces inclusive paid parental leave

Sling & Stone has introduced a new global paid parental leave policy which offers equal benefit to all ‘Slingers’ across its Australia, New Zealand and United States teams. 

The new paid parental leave policy gives any employee up to 12 weeks paid parental leave at full pay. The policy is inclusive as both primary and secondary carers are considered equal under the policy entitlements. 

Sling & Stone is the communications agency for ambitious brands shaping the future, and as such our policies must reflect the progressive and inclusive values we uphold.

Slingers are able to access the policy benefits in all instances of new parenthood including newborn, surrogacy, IVF, adoption or fostering. The policy also allows flexibility to take paid parental leave when it best suits the individual — whether that’s all at once, split or at a later date following the child’s arrival. 

In addition to paid time off, Sling & Stone offers soon-to-be parents the flexibility to attend and work around any family planning related appointments ahead of parental leave, without having to take annual or personal leave. Returning parents also have the support of a voluntary keeping-in-touch program, a structured re-onboarding and return to work options such as gradual return, part-time or flexible working. 

Fran Chitoriski, Senior HR Manager, comments: “When designing the policy it was important to us to take an inclusive approach. This meant viewing each parent equally and not dictating entitlement based on whether you’re otherwise considered the primary or secondary carer — unlike many traditional paid parental leave policies. 

“Becoming a parent is a significant life event for either partner. An inclusive approach views parenting responsibilities equally and champions this. It gives all employees the deserved time off to focus on family with support and peace of mind.” 

Fran Chitoriski, Senior HR Manager

Compassionate Leave for Pregnancy Loss

Alongside the launch of the paid parental leave policy, Sling & Stone has also introduced an equally important and inclusive compassionate leave for pregnancy loss policy. This policy gives any team member up to 8 weeks leave at full pay, plus additional time off if requested, in the event of baby loss. This is inclusive of surrogacy, IVF and adoption, and in addition to standard Compassionate Leave entitlements.

“Pregnancy loss is a deeply saddening experience for both parents,” Fran Chitoriski said. “Every case of pregnancy loss is different. We encourage Slingers to take the time they need with the support to do so. 

“I hope that both of our policies and approach will inspire other agencies and organisations to consider similarly inclusive parental policies, so that we can pave the way towards an equal future together.”

Sling & Stone’s global Paid Parental Leave and Paid Compassionate Leave for Pregnancy Loss is:

  • Up to 12 weeks paid parental leave at full pay for any Slinger, with Slingers who have tenure of 3 years or more able to unlock the full amount
  • In the event of a stillbirth, 8 weeks paid compassionate leave at full pay for any Slinger
  • In the event of a miscarriage, 2 weeks paid compassionate leave at full pay for any Slinger 
  • In the event of abortion, 2 weeks paid compassionate leave at full pay for any Slinger 
  • Additional leave options and flexibility available for any Slinger who may require, without fear of judgement and support extended

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