Nielsen Launches Stadium, the new home ground for Nielsen Sports Data & Insight

Global measurement company, Nielsen, has launched in Australia & New Zealand, STADIUM. Nielsen’s new client engagement platform, provides single sign-on access to a suite of syndicated Nielsen data sets, providing the most robust and comprehensive benchmarking tool for the sports marketing landscape.

Intuitive, interactive and user-friendly, STADIUM has been designed specifically for our local client base and our local market.

STADIUM is a versatile information source that delivers a benchmark of key property health performance criteria, including:

Media Landscape

  • Understanding the relative media value, top to bottom, of sponsorship assets in market
  • Understanding the value and share derived at a sport, code, team & venue level
  • Understanding the value and share derived at an industry category & brand level
  • Correlating the share of sponsorship value derived by industry segments, verse traditional advertising trends
  • Understanding key trends in advertising expenditure to help you plan and prospect against commercial partnership objecttives

Fans & Consumers

  • Understanding key consumer interests & interactions with sports entities
  • Accurately sizing fan base footprints – sports, codes, leauges, events & teams
  • Defining the profiles, attitudes & lifestyle connections associated with sports fans
  • Defining the purchasing power traits of sports fans and their value to relevant industry categories

Scott Gillham, Head of Nielsen Sports, Pacific, said, “Our objective is to make it simple and easy for clients to access data that can help build unique value propositions around their fan bases and monetise their assets. Our investment in Nielsen Stadium, represents the next phase in bringing together the broad range of Nielsen data into a single platform to help clients achieve their commercial goals”.

Glenn Channell, Head of Product Pacific, Nielsen Sports said, “Bringing together media evaluation, advertising expenditure and in-depth consumer behaviour tracking into a single system delivers a comparable benchmark of key performance criteria across 200+ Pacific sports entities. Whilst also segmenting key media landscape and consumer behaviour trends across 30+ industry categories that play a critical role in supporting and activating the Pacific sports landscape.”

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