Signing off: Making the most of the humble email signature

Kiwi IT company Crossware sees global opportunity to get more companies making the most of the prime real estate at the bottom of their staff’s emails.

The firm’s email signature product is server-based software, built for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino, which automatically adds customised signatures to company emails.

It’s designed for consistent branding and targeted promotions to specific recipients, and can include disclaimers, logos, graphics and banners.

Email signatures are a marketing opportunity many Kiwi companies fail to make the most of, says Crossware Mail Signature marketing manager Henry McIntosh.

“A lot of companies just don’t have any branding in their email. It’s a pretty big opportunity to promote your latest product or sale.

“Mobile is probably the biggest thing at the moment. When you send an email it just comes through with ‘sent from my iPhone’, or something similar. With our product the message from your phone comes through from your server and picks up all your branding as if you’d sent it from the office.”

Crossware also sees a growing market in countries that legislate email disclaimers. The company has recently opened an office in London, where there are several major banks that need disclaimers in their email signatures, says McIntosh.

Customers can use the product to change branded creative for specific departments in their company, and one customer has sold advertising space in its email signature to third parties, he says.

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