A flash as rim, an old-school colour TV and potentially mum’s toaster up for grabs in Rialto Channel’s ‘Shopping Shop’ campaign

At last year’s Moas, the motion picture Shopping picked up seven awards, making it the biggest winner of the night. And now, to promote the television premiere of the film on Sky’s Rialto channel, DDB launched an auction-based campaign with a humanitarian twist.

Created in conjunction with Shopping film director Louis Sutherland from The Sweet Shop, the ‘Shopping Shop’ campaign has been kicked off with a 60-second promo and 15-second YouTube pre-roll, which encourage Kiwis to pre-register for a two-hour live auction scheduled for 31 March.

The two spots see the pair of actors who portrayed the shoplifting brothers return in character to appear in a garage-sale scene, where they are depicted trying to flog a wide range of 1980s-inspired memorabilia in a house.

Given that Sutherland previously enjoyed such a successful collaboration with the young thespians, he says that “it was a real gift” to be able to work with them again.

“Last time we sweat blood and tears for a very dramatic feature film, where I asked so much from the actors in performance,” he says. “For the Rialto promo we really had a lot of fun and there was more laughter on set. I’ve always loved comedy, so to further develop that into my commercial reel is choice, and seeing the boys nail it with such finesse was a joy to watch.”

And there’s certainly no shortage of comedy in the new spot, with the awkward duo selling “a flash as rim that fell off the car,” an old-school colour TV, a 1980s poster and what could possibly be “mum’s toaster.”

Sutherland says that he employed two strategies to source these older, throwback items.

“My production designer Seth Kelly has a brilliant eye and all the connects. A couple of the items were from home too … [but]I’ll hide the ‘older’ comment from my wife to avoid her using it as an excuse to refurbish.”

Although Sutherland lent his deft directorial hand to the production of the video, he doesn’t take credit for the auction concept. 

“The brains trust at DDB dreamed the idea up. I loved it straight away as it was a unique cheeky way to grab people’s attention.”

All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to Starship Children’s Hospital, an idea that Sutherland attributes to DDB’s Ashwin Gopal, Haydn Kerr and Tim Yates.

While the aim is clearly to sell everything on offer during the auction, the award-winning director says that disposing of leftovers won’t pose much of a problem.

“I guess if we don’t sell everything, I’ll fight over what’s left with the creatives as trophies to take home. Julian’s bar heater barbecue is just too bloody genius.”


Client: Rialto Channel

General Manager:  Roger Wyllie
Marketing Executive:  Melanie Curry Irons

Agency: DDB New Zealand

Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: Chris Schofield
Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr
Copywriter: Ashwin Gopal
Art Director: Tim Yates
Digital Business Director: Paul Pritchard
Executive Producer: Liz Knox
Lead Designer: Jason Vertongen
Digital Designer: Jim Pachal
Senior Technologist: Cameron Crosby
Agency Producer: Rosie Grayson
Executive Agency Producer:  Judy Thompson
Planning Director: Rupert Price
Planner: Jamie Barrett
Group Business Director: Nikki McKelvie
Account Manager: Georgia Newton


Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Louis Sutherland
Producer: Fiona King
Post Production: Perceptual Engineering 
DOP: Marty Williams 
Editor:  Hamish Waterhouse
Sound:  Liquid Studios 
Art Department: Seth Kelly

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