Shine brings Hyundai’s family culture to co-created campaign

Shine and client Hyundai’s hunch that Kiwis don’t have enough time to spend with their families proved true when it teamed with production company Exposure to video interview hundreds of us. Now it’s brought those dreams of how we’d spend more time with our loved ones to the ‘Family Time’ campaign.

Shine’s digital creative director Matt Barnes says there was “real impetus from Hyundai to work from the inside out” and extend to the wider public an internal culture of rewarding staff and customers with time.

“The campaign is trying to reflect that in other people’s stories rather than us telling them the potential reward or problem,” says Barnes.

Shine initially teamed with Exposure to interview hundreds of people, and those were whittled down to the “nuggets and gems”, he says.

It then used stories from Hyundai staff and those from its dealerships. The Family Time Project website gives away monthly prize, from help with chores and Green Acres vouchers to salary payments, so people can take time off, Barnes says.

The campaign also includes a sixty second TVC that aired around Country Calendar, which Hyundai sponsors, along with online videos and social media activity.

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