Cadbury and DDB embrace jingle power for new Roses campaign

Whether it be Ches and Dale, the great Crunchie train robbery or John Rowles singing about roofs, many of the country’s most memorable ads feature jingles. Despite their propensity to burn themselves into human brains, they’ve largely gone out of fashion now, but Cadbury and DDB are trying to give the nation another dose of ‘song rash’ by giving a classic Roses ad a modern twist.  

Roses is one of New Zealand’s top selling chocolates and Cadbury’s seasonal and gifting senior brand manager, Mike Stribrny, says the new take on the original song reflected the changes in New Zealand culture and added a bit of Kiwi humour into the mix.

“We wanted to bring the song back because it’s just so iconic,” he says. “You hear it, instantly know it’s from Cadbury Roses, and it’s about saying thanks. Roses is a part of our heritage, it’s been around for years and we’re getting Roses back to its roots in a way Kiwis can enjoy, whether they remember the old song or are seeing it for the first time.”

Saying thank you hasn’t changed, but the way we say it has, says Shane Bradnick, creative director for DDB.

Bringing back this song, we wanted to treat it with some integrity and be silly with it. At the same time there are some really insightful moments that people will identify with, and laugh at.” 

While we’re getting nostalgic, here are a few Aussie versions of the ’80s campaign. 



Alastair De Raadt – Managing Director

Iaan Buchanan – General Manager of Marketing

Mike Stribrny – Senior Brand Manager, Gifting & Seasonal


Andy Fackrell – Executive Creative Director

Shane Bradnick – Creative Director

Toby Morris – Senior Art Director

Simone Louis – Senior Copywriter

Planner – Anna Gunnell

Angela Watson – Group Business Director

Rachel Turner – Senior Account Director

Melanie Cutfield – Senior Account Manager

James Greenslade – Account Executive

Jane Mill – TV Producer

Carat New Zealand

Jonathan Sorenson – Client Service Director

Sunita Bhana – Business Manager

Raquel Bennett – Media Assistant

HSI & Thick as Thieves

Director: Simon Cole

Executive Producer: Nik Beachman

Producer: Claire Kelly

Editor: Michael Longsdale & Phillipe Lods

Grade: Toybox

Online: Toybox

Music Arrangement: Jim Hall & Jonathan Bree – Franklin Rd

Audio Mix: Shane Taipari – Franklin Rd

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