Share your jolly season jollies

’Tis the season to be jolly.

Jolly silly, that is. Stoppress heard the story of an Auckland banker who this week staggered back to work after a night on the tiles, without his wallet and his phone and soaked through by the rain. Intending to doss down at the office he stripped to his undies and socks, hung up the damp suit, and made one quick dash to the loo which was in the lobby, behind the security door. But his swipe card was left in the suit. The streak through the lobby alerted the security patrol who threatened to toss him out on his naked arse, but his protests seemed genuine and he was allowed to stay till morning and could beg the early arriving staff to let him in. All of which was fine except that he then had to explain to his boss, visiting from the US, why he missed that first flight to Wellington.

Like my whisks?Like my whisks?

Our Christmas party was hardly as adventurous but we had a fine night at the gorgeous Quadrant hotel.

How were your Christmas celebrations? Do you have embarrassing stories, photos and other shaming memorabilia to share?

The best submission wins an all expenses trip to Hollywood with your host Tiger Woods.

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