Sexy revamp for NZ Marketing magazine

NZ Marketing magazine

So we’re blowing our own trumpet—why not? HB Media’s acquisition of NZ Marketing heralds a boost of confidence for NZ’s media industries. The magazine’s revamp includes a fresh design, gruntier content and DLB, the official publication of the Marketing Association of New Zealand. Topics have been extended to cover advertising, media and PR as well as marketing. Plus, the launch of this very website and free e-newsletter.

Publisher and editor Vincent Heeringa promises a magazine with punch and personality. “We work in the most dynamic and dramatic of industries and our work has enormous importance to wealth creation in NZ. I’d like our magazine to reflect that excitement and to contribute to best practice. Our export markets need to grow!”

But Vincent, you’re relaunching a magazine in a recession—are you crazy? “Yes, of course. Actually all the best magazines were launched in recessions: Time, Fortune, Life, Wired, Sports Illustrated and many more. Recessions build resilience.”

Power to us Kiwi battlers. NZ Marketing magazine. Tasty reading. Out now.

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