Selfie advancement

We live in sad times. And they just got sadder, because artists Aric Snee & Justin Crowe have released an amazing new narcissistic development, the selfie-arm, ‘a sarcastic solution to the problem of being alone.’ 

Speaking of sadness, with the rise of social networking and other technology, there seems to be no end to communication these days. But occasionally you just need some online me-time. And chatwithyourself.com offers that service. 

As the name implies, it’s not about talking with other internet users. “It’s just you here. Nobody else. You can have a lonely conversation, rant about life, tell a story, or whatever, really…. “

You can also watch other solo chats (“You are now watching someone else talk to themselves. You’re a real winner.”) 

Ironically, when we visited the site was advertising a service that allowed you to chat with 5,000 Thai ladies. No need, thanks. We’re chatting with ourselves. 

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