See how lucky you are

The Fred Hollows Foundation does some incredible work across the world, helping to restore the sight of the underprivileged who would otherwise not have the ability to pay for the treatment. However, raising funds for a not-for-profit organisation isn’t easy. Quite often those in the position to lend a hand are so far removed from the suffering of others to the extent that they aren’t even aware of certain problems existing. 

What this means is that not-for-profits often have to be creative in terms of connecting the donating public to important social causes—espeically around this time of the year when the not-for-profit donation drives become very competitive.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is no exception to this rule, and it is also needs to find new ways of tapping into empathy of the people it relies on to achieve its goals of helping those in need. And one way of doing this is by showing those who donate exactly what their actions do. 

But rather relying on digital wizardry, the organisation has taken a more traditional approach, sending out a pair of glasses that show people what visual impairment is like for those who suffer from it.

While simple, the impact of having your vision impaired for only a voluntary second is a sound reminder of just how lucky we are.     

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