School Road Publishing introduces four new titles

Haven, Thrive, Scout and Woman are the four new titles Sido Kitchin is creating with her new publishing business, School Road Publishing. Here, we talk to Kitchin about her hope for these four magazines, and how they’ll pave the way for more to come.

Pictured L-R: Wendyl Nissen, Vanessa Marshall, Sido Kitchin, Sarah-Kate Lynch.

The four new titles are edited by Vanessa Marshall (Haven), Wendyl Nissen (Thrive), Sarah-Kate Lynch (Scout) and Sido Kitchin (Woman).

According to Kitchin, there is a space in the hearts of magazine lovers thhttps://stoppress.co.nz/news/school-road-publishing-introduces-four-new-titles/ese titles can fill, as right now, “Kiwis want to hear from Kiwis about Kiwis.”

“With the closure of so many magazine titles this year, I could see a gap in the market for more magazines that will really speak to people in this changing world. At this stage of my career, after editing New Zealand’s most popular magazines for 15 years, launching new magazines is a fantastic challenge. Having a blank canvas is every editors’ dream.”

Bauer recently announced it was brining back New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, Women’s Day and The Australian Women’s Weekly New Zealand Edition. Kitchin is secure that Women will be a brand new offering to market.

“It will be completely fresh compared with what’s currently in the market. There will be some familiar faces and content pillars – but the direction and tone will be completely new. It’s about New Zealand women, for New Zealand women, by New Zealand women. That’s key when other women’s magazines are bringing in so much repurposed Australian content.”

Like most editors, Kitchin is keen to see more titles fill the paces Bauer left, which is why she decided to create three more publications (for now.)

“Four magazines is just the start, to be honest! Kiwis have always been avid magazine readers, with consumption higher per capita than other countries. This hasn’t changed. In fact, those magazines on the shelf are selling exceptionally well right now year-on-year. The four pillars I’ve chosen are all indicative of what New Zealanders are interested right now – and I think advertisers will see these new print and digital magazine brands as a fantastic opportunity.”

The publishing company is based in Stanley St creative agency but will operate as an independent business. However Kitchin says she is looking forward to what they can offer magazine publishing particularly in the digital space.

“Digital subscriptions and websites will be launched with each brand. Social will be key to the brands’ success going forward.”

With more news still to come on the teams that will make up this business, Kicthin has been on hard recruitment drive to create her stand out team. \

“I’ve been on a big recruitment drive, and have a wonderful team of women on board – and a couple more to come. By the end of this week, I should have a full team of 20 people. Bronwyn MacKenzie and Alice Morgan are our two Art Directors, which I’m thrilled about. And Cola Larcombe is our Media Director on ad sales.”

“I’m incredibly proud of this line-up of exceptional editors,” she says. “These wonderful women bring remarkable talent, experience, confidence and creativity to this new publishing venture,” says Kitchin.

“This great collective of editors all have distinct styles, but Sarah-Kate, Wendyl and Vanessa share an exceptional writing gift and an innate understanding and ability to connect with readers through the power of great storytelling.”

About the new titles

Kitchin will take the helm of Woman, a fortnightly print and digital magazine she describes as “about New Zealand women, for New Zealand women, by New Zealand women”.
“Wonderful everyday Kiwi women love their magazine fix, but the closure of so many titles this year has completely disrupted the magazine landscape. Our world has changed dramatically in 2020, and so has what’s most important to New Zealand women, so it’s my privilege to respond with a fresh magazine that speaks to them about what’s really driving them today. Woman will be inspirational but real, with a proudly Kiwi heart and soul.
“I am excited that as well as beautiful print editions, we will reach a whole new audience through our digital platforms from launch.”
Haven is a new monthly home and living magazine which will be edited by Vanessa Marshall, who joins School Road Publishing from Bauer Media’s Nadia magazine, where she was editor for three years. An established lifestyle journalist with a passion for interiors, food and lifestyle content, she brings close to 20 years’ experience across significant brands. For more than a decade she was lifestyle editor, then director of Woman’s Day and New Zealand Woman’s Weeklybefore becoming editor of premium food title, Dish. 
“I am thrilled to launch Haven magazine, a brand-new home title for a brand-new world. With many of us spending more time at home than ever, our homes are our safe haven from the challenges we face beyond our front doors.”
Packed full of inspirational and achievable interiors advice, Haven is a home and decorating magazine that will help make your dream home a reality. With a focus on affordable products, DIY projects, relatable interiors, family entertaining and easy gardening ideas, Haven’s mission is to bring great design to the masses.
Wellness title Thrive will be edited by Wendyl Nissen, a journalist, broadcaster and acclaimed magazine editor who is the author of 10 books, mostly about living a chemical-free, wholesome and back-to-basics lifestyle. The former editor of Australian Woman’s WeeklyNew Zealand Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Day gave up her corporate life 20 years ago and now happily lives in the Hokianga with her husband, 18 chickens, two dogs and two stray cats.
“A return to a simple life is something I have been passionate about for more than 20 years,” says Nissen. “Thrive is a nurturing and inspirational monthly wellness magazine for anyone who believes that caring for ourselves and others, living healthily and sustainably and getting back to basics is a way of life they want to embrace. In a world which can be full of stress and confusion, Thrive will be a guide to a much less complicated and more fulfilling life.”
Helming monthly domestic travel magazine Scout is Sarah-Kate Lynch, who has published 12 best-selling books, edited the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, won awards for her columns and TV shows and spent the last nine years as Travel Editor of Woman’s Day.
“I was born with itchy feet and have jumped at every chance my whole life to go here, there and anywhere – but right now there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Aotearoa. To edit a travel magazine focusing on everything our own glorious backyard has to offer? What a gift. I can’t wait to get amongst it,” says Lynch.  “What we have right on our doorstep in New Zealand is 268,021 square kilometres of beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, towns, cities, bush walks, bike tracks, train journeys, national parks and gorgeous islands. Whether you’re parked in your armchair or packing your bags, Scout will take you there.”

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