The scary reality of tax avoidance

In a campaign that at first appears to be a Halloween thriller, Oxfam takes a look at the scary realities of tax avoidance.

Called ‘The heist No one is talking about’, the video watches as a group of masked men dressed in black go unnoticed as they enter a hospital and proceed to switch off life support machines, steal medicine and take donor organs. If the pain of those impacted by the raid is not enough to raise the eyebrows of viewers, the final scene shows one of the masked men switching off a baby’s life support while the mother watches on screaming.

While the pain and suffering of those in the video consume the audience’s attention, the message behind it is not revealed until the end. 

“When companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, poor countries are stripped of funds needed for vital services like hospitals” the ad reads.

It’s estimated that each year the poorest countries lose out on $10 billion in tax revenue according to Oxfam, and its the poorest people who suffer the most as a result.

It hopes people will share the campaign and demand governments act to stop tax dodging.

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