Ads of the Week: 31 October

Who’s it for: Speight’s by DDB and The Sweetshop

Why we like it: Think beer and you’ll likely envisage a gathering of Kiwi blokes raising a pint with disregard about what the beverage is doing to their bodies. While this spot appears to be going down the same path as it opens with a scene of mud-covered rugby players, Celine Dion’s ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’, signals a shift in direction. Men don’t typically talk about body image and their self-esteem but the protagonist, posing in front of the mirror and squeezing his stomach in, puts the topic front and center while his efforts to work out maintain a humorous tone throughout the spot that keeps the audience engaged.

Who’s it for: BP by Ogilvy & Mather

Why we like it: Grabbing a coffee’s never looked so futuristic. BP’s ‘Imagine what’s next’ campaign has already seen its forecourts turned into space stations and now that same creativity is being applied to its coffee offering. Trying to imagine what’s next is no easy task as the world around us advances at an ever-increasing pace so it’s good to see BP is trying to stay on top of it all.

Who’s it for: Australia’s Monash Children’s Hospital by Cirkus 

Why we like it: It may not be a local spot, but the local talent behind this earns it a mention. Childhood illness can be a hard topic to tackle as it’s associated with sadness that’s only increased by the vulnerability of children. Last year, our own Starship hospital showed why New Zealand needs it by sharing stories of sick and hurt children alongside images of medical equipment but in contrast, this spot by Cirkus steers clear of anything overtly medical. Instead, it harnesses the imagination of children to show that while they are vulnerable, they are armed with the best medicine. It’s a beautiful story to watch and one that’s sure to make people sit up and donate to Monash’s appeal.

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