Ryman residents vet employees in latest campaign

Ryman Healthcare and Strategy Creative’s colourful new campaign puts residents firmly in the driver’s seat with a panel of ‘Resident Recruiters’ selecting the best and brightest to join the company.

It draws on the expertise of Anna, Les, Terry and Janet, whose nursing, business and construction backgrounds meant they were ultimately selected after a ‘casting call’ was put out for skilled residents to identify prospective employees.

The recruitment campaign has already generated more than 100 job applications and is set to reach hundreds of thousands of potential employees with Facebook and Instagram digital ads, also screening on TVNZ OnDemand and ThreeNow as well as The Guardian and BBC news.

Ryman’s growth meant there was an increased need to find construction leaders, care workers, sales advisors and office specialists.

The clip shows a man, Tom, and a mother interview prepping before entering a room to meet a panel of residents, with the tagline ‘We only want the best people. So, we’ve enlisted the best people we know to help us find you’.

Ryman Healthcare recruitment manager Matt Wight says the campaign aligns with the company’s culture of putting residents at the heart of every decision.

“Our residents are amazing people with a huge amount of experience and expertise, many who have had very successful careers. We thought, who better to help us identify the next generation of Rymanians than the people they are building our villages and caring for.

“Residents involved in the campaign have been extremely positive with all saying that they feel it has been a privilege to be involved so far, and they have really enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the recruitment of new team members.”

It follows Ryman’s February campaign, ‘Pioneers’.

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