Ron Burgundy: the promos continue

While most films use a single trailer to pique the interest of prospective viewers, this was never going to be enough for the larger-than-life character of Ron Burgundy.

The promotion for Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues has become a multi-faceted advertising stunt that makes it seem as though Will Ferrell has actually morphed into the gaffe-prone news anchor from the film.

The advertising for the film started with two trailers, which really served as appetisers to the promotional feast that was about to arrive.

Next, things shifted a gear, with Ron Burgundy appearing in the Dodge Durango ad campaign. His stylish smooth-talking ways when combined with the slick vehicle created the perfect combination for viral success.

This, however, was not the end of the delightfully elaborate campaign. He has now turned his attention to the international community with Ron Burgundy’s Guide to the World, a faux geography-themed educational segment. And the best part about this is that New Zealand has also been included in the gag. Brian Fantana, the infamous wearer of Sex Panther, does a short exposé on Kiwi life, and also takes the opportunity to teach the world that Australians and New Zealanders aren’t fond of being confused with each other.    

  • Watch the video here. And watch some historical footage or Burgundy struggling with the Dunedin rhododendron festival here

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