Robots and driverless cars: Toyota shares its belief in a brighter future

Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi have taken a look into the future to see how far humans and technology have come—but it’s not far enough according to the featured grandad.

The cheeky 75-second spot features an optimistic young girl named Billie and her grandad, who’s celebrating his 70th birthday. While he reflects on the innovations from within his lifetime and expresses disappointment that there are no flying cars nor a way to insert knowledge into our brains, Billie points out how humans have still come a long way. She points out the robot vacuum cleaning the floor and cars that plug in and tell its drivers where to go.

The new campaign is part of the enduring ‘Believe’ brand platform, which has been expressing the organisation’s values to stakeholders and customers since 2009.

General manager of used vehicles and marketing Andrew Davis says the campaign further evolves Believe to be more future thinking, and the playful dynamic between Billie and her grandad provides the perfect environment.

Joint executive creative director Corey Chalmers says it was tasked with bringing the Believe principles to life in a “typically Toyota way – through character, story, charm and magic moments”.

“The new campaign is designed to show how Toyota’s beliefs are reflected in everyday Kiwi life, through the endearing characters of Billie and grandad,” he says.

The campaign launched on Sunday night with further instalments to follow over the next couple of months.

It follows Toyota’s return to the screen earlier this year after social media outrage forced Toyota to pull its Hilux Ad over the depiction of animals embracing hunters for an opportunity to be carried away on a vehicle.

In the same way this latest spot explores a relationship, Toyota’s ‘Good Chat‘ video examined a man supporting his friend by taking him for a drive in a Hilux.

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