Ads of the Week: 7 March

Who’s it for: Toyota by Saatchi & Saatchi
Why we like it: Having a curiosity about what the future might hold for everyday items is relatable for many of us. It’s interesting to see in this spot the contrast between a granddaughter, who has a future of robots to look forward to, and her grandad, who has 70 years of developments to reflect on. While the grandad is almost disappointed by the lack of flying cars and robots, his grandaughter is much more realistic about the current capabilities and what’s to come. We see her comment about cars soon driving themselves as a challenge to Toyota.

Who’s if for: Oceania Healthcare by Rainger & Rolfe
Why we like it: Attempting to sum up the lifestyle offered at Oceania Healthcare retirement villages is no easy task for a 60-second spot, but Mary and the cat do well to step up to the challenge. People young and old can relate to the joy a cat can deliver and the addition of Burt Bacharach’s ‘Magic Moments’ gives an extra cheerful touch to the ad.

Who’s it for: Pump By DDB
Why we like it: You can’t help but watch this spot to the end, just in case something goes wrong. But it’s a faultless take which would prove popular as a stand alone video as well as a branded spot. The integration of Pump doesn’t take away from the drummers’ talents and the interaction between them all to keep the beat going is a clever representation of the tagline ‘feel the flow’.

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