The rise of the mole

In a hilarious and slightly disturbing call for entries for the Creative Club São Paulo, Borghi/Lowe Brazil created a video of the story of a mole’s hard life struggle before finding success and fame in the world of advertising.

In the five-minute video, the owner of the mole decides to have it cut off, after facing a hard life of rejection, ultimately being rejected by his wife. The mole, after being couped up in a lab watching non-stop ads on a small television, becomes inspired and starts its steady rise to become an advertising magnate.

It goes to meetings, comes up with great ideas, has a bad boy party life going out drinking and rendezvousing with models and the video ultimately ends with the mole giving a monologue in front of university students of how it got to where it was today. If that doesn’t inspire entries, I don’t know what else will. Holy moley.

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