Resn takes home five FWA awards in January

A haul of five Favourite Website Awards last month has left the folk at Resn just a little smugger.

The digital agency raked in one Site of the Day award, and four Mobile of the Day awards in January, a show of force for the twenty-strong company.

FWA is a web and mobile competition, with daily and monthly winners picked by a mixture public voting and peer review by digital creatives and the FWA team. 

One of Resn’s awards this month is for work commissioned by American outdoors brand REI, in conjunction with BBDO Atlanta.

The Project 1440 microsite, which won both Site of the Day and Mobile of the Day on 29 January, shows photos uploaded by customers taking on adventures from every minute of the day (of which there are 1440). 

Matt Walsh, business development director at Resn, says FWA is closely followed in the industry, and agencies (especially website designers) check the site for inspiration regularly. He says the peer review and public voting aspects makes the awards more genuine than the usual affair in ad land.

“It’s not some advertising jerk off fest where everyone loves each other. It’s your peers saying you guys are doing good work, which is why we are enjoying it as much if not more than traditional ad awards,” says Walsh.

Walsh says he’s not sure if publicity from the awards has brought Resn any new clients, but he hopes it will increase the agency’s profile overseas.

“The other agencies in London or New York get to go out to lunch with their clients, we can only have phone calls with ours. This kind of helps with that,” says Walsh.

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