Reservoir Hill gets the Digital Emmy nod

Kiwi online teen-esque drama Reservoir Hill has been nominated for  an Emmy at this year’s International Digital Emmy® Awards – a New Zealand first.

The complete line up of nominees for the awards, spanning seven countries, was announced by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences yesterday.

Nominated in the Digital Program – Children & Young People category, Reservoir Hill will compete against four other nominees in its category.

The interactive online drama is jointly funded by TVNZ and NZ on Air, and is centered around character Beth Connolly, a 16-year-old making the transition from rural to big city life.

The twist in this drama, and what has made it successful, is that viewers have an influence on what happens in the next episode. Through text messaging, and social networking sites Bebo and Facebook, viewers can put in their two cents on what should happen next.

There is not time to waste either with each five to eight minute episode shot over a 10 hour period on Saturdays. The footage is edited on Sunday and the episode is live online for Monday.

The nerves at KHF Media Ltd, TVNZ and New Zealand On Air will be high on April 12, when the Emmy’s will be presented  at MIPTV in Cannes. Film & television actress/producer Illeana Douglas will host the awards.

The awards are comprised of 13 nominees in three categories,  Digital Program: Children & Young People; Digital Program: Fiction and Digital Program: Non-Fiction.

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