Reddit has its say on DraftFCB’s Say Yeah, Nah campaign

Hitting the front page of Reddit is usually like hitting marketing gold, bringing with it the sweet sweet traffic generated by the never-sleeping internet horde. DraftFCB has had a taste of that delicious Reddit link love for its ‘Say Yeah, Nah’ alcohol responsibility TVC for the Health Promotion Agency – although many denizens of the online community are left confused if what they’ve watched is actually a beer commercial in disguise.

The post (titled “I’m confused by New Zealand’s new anti-drinking ad“) hit the front page two days ago and has over 2000 up votes (this is a slightly above average figure for front page content on Reddit). Here are some of the comments:

Are you sure this is not a beer commercial? It would be a good one, too. I want a beer now!

Clearly his friend pre gamed before the bar and doesn’t want to spend anymore money

Do all New Zealanders sound like Hobbitses?

Allow me to explain

Yeah, Nah = No

Nah, Yeah = Yes

I know this shit can be fucking confusing if you’re from a country besides Australia or New Zealand

And coming to DraftFCB’s defense is dj-funparty:

It’s simply implying that you don’t need to rely on alcohol to have a good time (quite an ingrained concept in our culture.. any socialising = better get drunk as hell), and to show encouragement / support of people who don’t want to binge drink in a positive light – as opposed to the usual “get pissed you pansy” response one would typically be greeted with. 

We at StopPress think DraftFCB’s aim is clear – it’s not about vilifying having fun and a few drinks, it’s about making it okay to say no once you’ve had enough. However,  the flashback/ flash forward/flash sideways thing is confusing and the ad clearly hasn’t learned a single thing from watching countless seasons of Lost.

Take a look at the TVC below and tell us what you think. Is the message clear as day or are you left wondering which beer brand this ad is for?


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