Y&R and Red Cross deliver a box of hope

To draw attention to the role Red Cross plays in New Zealand and around the world—and to raise more money so it can keep doing it—Y&R NZ and Flying Fish have created an animated TVC that follows the instantly recognisable white and red box through a range of crises the charity deals with.   


Y&R Wellington’s creative director Scott Henderson says the role of the TVC is to raise awareness about the appeal, leverage the global awareness of the brand and try to connect that with what it does in New Zealand. 

“I think a lot of people see it as a global crisis brand,”he says. “But there’s actually a lot of personal crises they help solve here.”

As the blurb on the website says: “You can help end a crisis. From re-uniting families torn apart by conflict and disaster to delivering a hot meal, your donations help people in need, in our backyard and overseas.”

Flying Fish represents Blacklist, a New York-based animation company that also represents multiple animation directors, in New Zealand. 

In addition to the TVC, there’s also a section on the website where those who have donated and put on their glasses can see red and go in to win some Kathmandu gear. But Henderson says this was an initiative of the internal Red Cross team. 


Client: Red Cross New Zealand

National Marketing & PR Manager: Ross Cameron 

National Fundraising Manager: Alice Montague 

Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore 

Creative Director: Scott Henderson 

Art Director: Mark Tallis 

Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett 

Agency Head of Production: Christina Hazard 

Senior Account Manager: Steph Patton 

Creative Planner: Jason Wells 

NZ Production Co:  Flying Fish

Executive Producer: James Moore 

US Production Co: Blacklist

Executive Producer: Adina Sales

Producers: Alex Unick, Patrick Gantert

Blacklist Director: Holbrooks 

Design: Dan Gray + Tom Brown + Marika Cowan + Angelica Alzona

Animation: Dan Gray, Tom Brown. Song E. Kim, Marika Cowan, Angelica Alzona, Alan Foreman

Compositing: Tom Brown, Andrew Zimbelman

Music + Sound Design: Antfood

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