Rebel Sport serves up more goosebumps with Sophie Pascoe’s story

In August last year, Rebel Sport released its ‘What’s Your Why’ campaign (via Ogilvy), which featured the powerful voice of motivational speaker Eric Thomas telling the story of Malakai Fekitoa, who overcame a childhood accident to become a rugby superstar.  

And now, the brand has continued its storytelling with a new spot that focuses on World Champion swimmer Sophie Pascoe, who lost her leg to a driveway accident caused by her father.

Similarly to the Fekitoa spot, this spot also tells the story of a sportsperson overcoming ridiculous odds—and that alone makes it inspiring enough. However, as the narrative builds and slowly unravels Pascoe’s ‘Why’, it shows that what drives her isn’t only the desire to win medals and adulation.

It’s only in the last hard-hitting line that the true motivation behind her ‘why’ comes to full fruition: “Today, your dad doesn’t see his broken little girl. Today, he sees a world champion.”

No doubt there’ll be quite a few dads out there battling to hold back the eye trickles as that line—and all the weight it carries—is delivered on screens of every size.   

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