Niue Tourism releases first major ad campaign via Run

Niue Tourism has teamed up with indie creative agency Run to launch a brand campaign featuring real travellers sharing their experiences of the island.

The ‘Real Niue’ campaign launched over the weekend, with the release of a 60-second video featuring a woman giving her thoughts on the island in a voiceover while the camera moves in closer to Hio Beach.

There are two more 60-second videos set to be released in the coming weeks, with each one showing off distinctive aspects of the island being enjoyed by real people. Run creative director Raymond McKay says rather than showing everything, it hopes to give the viewers a glimpse of what’s on offer.

McKay says the travellers featured in the films were found in a departure lounge, a resort and on the side of the road and were happy to be filled and have their stories shared.

“We were trying to capture Niue and everyone on it in their natural state,” he says, so each film has been done in one take with drone cameras and natural sounds.

Run won the tender for the Niue Tourism account in 2015 and since then, the two have been working together to assess what visitors like about Niue by looking at Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

From that, the agency has been able to distill the idea of ‘Nowhere like us’, which forms the central thought on how the island steps forward as a destination in future promotions.

Niue Tourism chief executive Felicity Bollen says the message came through again and again that Niue was perceived to be different to the other destinations in the Pacific.

She says because it’s an untouched place, it appeals to open-minded travellers who are ready for anything.

“They want to experience a more soulful destination to its fullest. They don’t want to just sit by the pool or visit malls; they’re more interested in adventures,” she says.

And while the Niue Tourism’s primary travel audience tends to be active, open-minded people over 45 who seek experiences and relaxation, the destination was found to be attractive to people of all age groups.

The initial campaign will run for six weeks across digital and print media, with further content following over the next two years, including outdoor advertising and a series of 360-degree films to be used online and trade shows and expos to enable visitors to experience Niue. It will all be supported by a social campaign to create what McKay is calling a ‘campfire’ community for storytelling. 


Agency: Run
Client: Niue Tourism
Creative Director: Raymond McKay
Design Director: Laura Cibilich
Production company: Content Boutique
Director: Marco Siraky
Photographer/Drone Operator: Jamie Wright
Senior Creative/Writer: Mike Kelly

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