Radio Week: radio results are out showing radio’s performance is up

The first results of the GfK Radio Survey of the year are out and it appears the industry has a lot to celebrate as 85 percent of the New Zealand population (10+) tunes into the radio each week. That’s 3.63 million New Zealanders.

Breaking that down, 3.39 million New Zealanders (10+) listen to commercial radio, equivalent to 80 percent of New Zealanders (10+).

The growth continues on from that shown this time last year, when the first survey of 2017 showed commercial radio’s total audience was up 130,000 to a total audience of 3.3 million people.

Radio Broadcasters Association chief executive Jana Rangooni says the first survey release of 2018 is another great one for radio showing all radio and commercial radio is at all-time highs in terms of weekly listenership.

“For commercial radio it’s been a great week on all fronts with ASA figures released last week showing radio advertising revenue at an all-time high too.”

Those figures the ASA released in its 2017 report on New Zealand’s advertising revenue showed radio revenue (including radio and radio digital) reached $283 million last year. That’s up from the $275 million in 2016.

Speaking about the Radio Survey results, NZME chief executive Michael Boggs gives a reason for the increase in revenue, saying advertisers continue to see the benefits of radio to reach their target audience and are increasing their investment in radio advertising, despite the increased overseas competition for the audience attention and advertising spend.

“I’m pleased that radio continues to deliver for both audiences and customers. In recent years, an increasing number of listeners are tuning-into radio to be informed and entertained.”

He adds NZME will continue to invest locally to make a difference for New Zealanders.

On a similar note, MediaWorks chief executive Michael Anderson says radio is a medium that has a deep connection with its audience.

“Our MediaWorks brands engage with our listeners at all times of the day and provide relevant and timely content related to their activity – whether it’s on air, via digital, social media or through events – during breakfast, drive or nights.”

He adds the latest survey results demonstrate once again radio’s strength and consistency in its relationship with New Zealanders.

Within those results, The Edge, The Breeze and More FM again hold the top three spots respectively and all show an increase in weekly cumulative reach (all people aged 10+) since the previous survey in December last year.

The Edge has a reach of 639,800 up from its previous 613,100. Meanwhile, The Breeze’s reach is up to 580,700 from 528,600 and More FM has grown its reach to 543,400 from 525,900.

Another station significantly increasing its reach since the previous survey is The Hits. Sitting at number eight on the list, its reach is 423,600 up from 407,900.

As well as showing how each station is performing, the survey also shows the demographics of those tuning in and looking across all commercial radio, it appears the age groups 25-44, 25-54 and 45-64 are the biggest fans.

And of those listening to the radio, 60 percent are doing so eating breakfast, 61 percent are listening during the workday and 64 percent are tuning in over weekends.

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