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Radio Week: Why radio is the ‘cockroach’ of media scuttling on despite the odds

The death of radio has long been predicted. Just think of that classic hit by The Buggles ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’. Yet, somehow good old radio has managed to sidestep every media tsunami heading towards it, surviving television and now living through the age of music streaming. But, how? We chat to two people pulling strings in New Zealand radio, MediaWorks’ Leon Wratt, and NZME’s Mike McClung as well as AUT’s Dr Matt Mollgaard to find out their take.

Radio Week: GfK and TRB on the intricacies of radio audience measurement

It’s no walk in the park measuring an audience in today’s ever-fragmenting media climate. While radio was once a stylish, yet clunky looking box taking up a decent portion of the living area, surrounded by Mum, Dad and their rosy-cheeked 2.5 children, now, we can access radio almost anywhere, anytime, through a range of devices. We tune in to GfK’s Deb Hishon and TRB’s Peter Richardson about how radio audience measurement works, how it stacks up to other media measurement systems, its challenges and what sort of insights GfK’s survey results offer.