Radio ratings survey results reveal strong audience numbers

More than 3.41 million Kiwis are tuning in each week to listen to commercial radio according to the S2 2023 GFK Radio Audience Survey which was released today.

This is up from 3.39 million in the 2023 S1 results. However, listeners are tuning in for a slightly shorter period of time with the S2 results showing an average listening time of 15 hours and 19 minutes per week down from 15 hours and 26 minutes in this years S1 results.

Alistair Jamison, Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) CEO, says these numbers are a promising demonstration of the value that radio can add in the media mix.

“Today’s data shows that radio continues to provide Kiwis with the information, entertainment and content they want and as a result we connect with 75 percent of NZ each week.

“Our audience is engaged and super stable. Radio can deliver 2.5 million people a day yet still connect at an individual level. There are so many opportunities for brands in that range.”

Looking ahead, Jamison expects that while 2023 is an election year which could make the market more volatile, the Rugby World Cup will attract some brands to market.

However he says “the overall economy is probably the bigger influence [on the commercial radio landscape]and in that context advertisers should remember that radio can get them to market quickly and efficiently”.

“Advertisers should consider the options, radio and the wider audio market has the ability to really effectively meet a very wide range of advertiser challenges.”

Peter Richardson, TRB General Manager says the 2023 S2 results show listening to the radio continues to be part of Kiwis’ daily routines. “This data demonstrates radio’s strengths in both reach and time spent with media that, combined with strong attention metrics from other studies, make radio a compelling choice for any advertiser.”

Wendy Palmer, CEO at MediaWorks, says that not only is commercial radio listenership strong in New Zealand, it’s also going strong overseas as well.

“The UK recently reported its highest ever commercial audience – up eight percent year on year, with Australia in a similar position – up 3.6 percent year on year. It’s great to see New Zealand echoing this trend and that our audience numbers remain consistently robust with a one percent reach increase.”

Michael Boggs, CEO at NZME, says it is positive to see the way Kiwis are consuming radio evolving as well.

“The latest data shows that almost 850,000 people are listening to digitally streamed radio at some point across a week. It’s also really positive to see growth in listening amongst 10-24 year olds.”

Crucially, in addition to its ability to reach a wide audience and capture their time, a recent global study demonstrates that radio and the wider audio market also excel in terms of attention metrics.

Jamison says attention metrics are a hot topic around the world currently and while the recent Lumen/Dentsu study presents US data, it shows that radio and audio are over delivering in the area of attention.

“With radio and podcast showing attention metrics higher than online video, social and TV we can be confident we are delivering high reaching and highly engaged audiences for our advertisers.”

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