QMS makes big digital push for commuters’ eyeballs

The outdoor industry has been busy over the last 12 months, flicking the switches on digital sites across New Zealand’s major metropolitan regions. And this trend seems set to continue in 2017, with QMS announcing a partnership with Auckland Transport that will see 39 animated digital sites launched at major commuter hubs.

Collectively dubbed ‘The Commuter Network’, these sites will be positioned at entrances, exits and concourses across railway stops, the northern busway and ferry terminals with the aim of reaching an affluent commuter audience. 

According to QMS Datalab, the network will reach approximately 135,000 travellers. Furthermore, census and Roy Morgan Helix Personas data shows that this commuter audience earns more than the average New Zealander and are more likely to be 20- to 35-year-olds. 

 QMS New Zealand chief executive Wayne Chapman identified this as a major opportunity for his business.  

“The volume of travellers across rail, the bus corridor and ferry has grown to more than 80 million passenger journeys per annum and is set to continue with the expansion of the public transport network across the region, including the City Rail Link,” he says.

The investment in new digital sites, when combined with the effectiveness of the medium in delivering marketing messages at scale, has led to significant growth in outdoor ad spend.

SMI’s data showed that outdoor enjoyed a 22.6 percent ($20.6 million) year-on-year lift in ad spend from 2015 to 2016, making it one of New Zealand’s best-performing media channels.

With the added investment in new sites showing little sign of abating, 2017 could itself turn into another big year for outdoor.  

What’s more is that the latest move also presents an important commercial opportunity for Auckland Transport, with the organisation’s head of business development Ian Robertshaw saying: “The incremental revenue from these sources helps to reduce the burden on the ratepayer and taxpayer of funding new public transport services”.

QMS has already secured an inaugural set of advertisers for the network, with Vodafone, Seek, Trade Me, Prime, Sky City, and HP all signing on.   

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