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A few months back, TVNZ went to great lengths to promote the latest season of The Amazing Race and the fact that Kiwis were competing against the Aussies, with comedian Millen Baird being put to good use as a motivational coach. As part of that, Rush Digital and Ambient Experiential got together to create “a world-first activation”: a live-streamed game of tug of war. And these videos show how it brought the real world and the digital world together. 

As it says in the blurb: “Asked to create a live streamed game of Tug of War between two locations in Australia and New Zealand we set about designing and deploying a bespoke streaming and game system that not only allowed the participants to see and hear each other in real time but also allowed people to view the action live online through a TVNZ micro-site.” 

It’s not the first time Rush Digital has come up with a way of bringing some humanity to technology. It also worked with ASB and Saatchi & Saatchi on the 1000km tennis court to activate its sponsorship of the ASB Classic. 


Client: TVNZ

Agency: Ambient Experiential 
Experiential Director: John Maybury
Experiential Manager: Rawinia Judson

Engineering Studio: Rush Digital
Project Director: Danu Abeysuriya
Project Manager: Saku Abeysuriya
Technical Director/Lead Engineer: Guy Sherman
Lead Producer (Design, Logistics): Alex Campbell
Mechanical Engineer: Alan Grimmer
Engineer (Unity3D): David Bressler
Engineer (Deployment): Danny Wei, David Bressler

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