Procreating pandas

Last year, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival celebrated procreating pandas in a cheeky video to raise awareness for species that are going extinct. And now, Pornhub has joined in on the fundraising action by encouraging its fans to get it on Panda-style.

In a ‘Panda Style’ video, Pornhub explains how male giant pandas are too busy eating and sleeping to mate with female giant pandas, leaving their species at risk of becoming extinct.

Its scientific solution (though unverified) is to create a hub of panda-style porn that can be used to increase the pandas’ libido, so it’s asking its audience to dress up and get it on.

For every video uploaded, Pornhub will donate to a giant panda conservation charity as well as make donations according to the video views.

Replicating panda sex is the next step up from last year’s Wildlife Conservation Film Festival campaign, featuring a Panda parody of The Lonely Island’s ‘I just had sex’.

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