Gareth Morgan likens New Zealand’s “cat lobby” to America’s gun lobby

Update: Millionaire investor and foe of felines, Gareth Morgan, continues to ruffle feathers with his controversial views on cats. In today’s episode of Morgan’s pussy bashing, he’s told American news outlet The Atlantic, that New Zealand’s cat aficionados are comparable to the gun lobby in The States.

“The cat lobby here is just as feral, self-centered and as balmy as your gun lobby is,” says Morgan, in an email reply to The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.

StopPress has tried to get a hold of New Zealand’s “cat lobby” for comment, but our searches have only found links to Morgan’s comments in various other publications.

It’s a shame that Morgan’s quite sound theories on the ecological impacts cats have on native wildlife have been hijacked by Morgan’s own comments. The Oatmeal, the internet’s favourite source of facts, has an infographic demonstrating Morgan’s concerns.

Original: Morgan’s Cats to Go crusade has led to much gnashing of teeth from the heavy petters, a vast array of feline puns and plenty of conversation, both here and, with the story featuring on Mashable and Huffington Post, around the world. And Mammoth and Sugar & Partners have decided to hitch their ‘Warmth Lovers’ campaign to that controversial wagon by creating a contextual online ad showing that its spokescat, Prince Nikolai Stroganov III, is already pretty happy inside. 

Through a keyword-targeted banner placement, the ad is paired with all stories on Gareth Morgan and cats. And while it’s technically Dr Morgan behind the campaign, Mr Morgan is probably vague enough to appease the legal eagles. Presumably, though, he prefers Toyota’s Alloroc, the self-harming cat. 

“It’s an instant success, we’ve already got
a stack of enquiries and commentary on the Mammoth website,” says Damon O’Leary, Sugar & Partners creative director.  

made a pretty controversial introduction on telly [in part because of its similarities to this], so it’s only is right he’s
stirring the pot online,” says Dave Nash Sugar & Partners’ other creative director. 


Client: Mammoth –
Modern Insulation.

Durbin – General Manager

Snushall – Managing Director

Hughes – Marketing Communications Manager

Agency: Sugar &

Directors: Damon O’Leary & Dave Nash

Owen Bryson, Anna Paine, Vikki Chen, Dan Nelson & Gen Chunn,

Account Director: Jamie McLean

Account Manager: Campbell McLean

See the ad in its natural environment here. See the Oatmeal’s take on the cats and their insatiable lust for blood here. And see Sam Morgan’s cheeky tweet about his father’s culinary tastes here

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