PR Shop gets busy with the fizzy

Hot on the heels of winning the Nestle Milky Bar Kid Search in New Zealand and Australia, The PR Shop has won the recent CDB Consumer Products pitch to work on the SodaStream brand. 

“White chocolate and SodaStream makes for a happy office,” PR Shop’s Sally Frewin says.

Clearly Frewin and Renee Bushby’s, ahem, bubbly enthusiasm for the brand went down well with the client, as CDB also decided the brief would include the well-known Goldair brand, which started in Christchurch 25 years ago and provides Kiwis with home appliances and accessories ranging from heaters and barbecues through to electric knives and bathroom scales.

CDB is New Zealand’s largest importer of electrical appliances and accessories and it has established an impressive business supplying homebrand appliances for some of the country’s largest retailers.


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