Powerswitch gives Kiwis a Reason to change power companies

Over 90 percent of Kiwis could save around $400 a year just by switching power companies – if their own apathy didn’t stand in their way.

Indie agency Reason and power comparison website Powerswitch hope to tackle this with its latest brand campaign and remind Kiwis: “It pays to change”.

On Powerswitch, users can quickly check their power plan against the best deals and switch providers.

The campaign, It Pays to Change, acknowledges people ultimately don’t care about power and so they end up in a set-and-forget relationship that costs them in the long run.

Says Lara Signal, Marketing Manager, Powerswitch: “We’ve found over 90 percent of users can save money by changing provider with the average saving now around $400 a year. But even with such compelling savings, half of Kiwis have been with their current provider for five years-plus, and a quarter for 10 years-plus. We identified apathy as a primary barrier”.

Says Madison Trevella, Account Director, Reason, “With the collective belt tightening that is occurring across the country, it is often our utilities and fixed costs we tend to overlook. We identified that before we get people to ‘switch’ power providers, we need them to be open to ‘change’. This creative idea shows unusual ways people can be stuck in a rut – and prompts them to think about how long they might have been with their power provider.”

Says Matt Eastwood, Creative Strategist, “Rather than focus on the savings from switching— there was an opportunity to tell a deeper story of how unchanging is unhealthy. Whether it’s Sue’s old perm or Jen’s boring husband – it’s a good idea to switch things up, and while you’re at it- sort out your power plan”.

Says Tim Pointer, CEO, Reason, “Creative in today’s advertising era should be driven from a genuine customer insight, be dynamic enough to adapt to the plethora of channels it appears and most importantly, it needs to perform. I’m super proud of this campaign, it hits all those things and the results speak for themselves.”

The campaign is live across TVOD, Social and Digital from April.

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