Jean-Claude Van Damme joins NZ company to fight dehydration

Movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme is known for his fight scenes and for his latest battle he’s chosen to take on dehydration with the help of a New Zealand company.

Van Damme has partnered with family health company, New Zealand Nutritionals, and health store group Health 2000, to launch Aqua-VD, a hydration product which aims to help users reach their optimal hydration level.

Aqua-VD is launching six natural flavours, each featuring a blend of electrolytes and ingredients tailored to specific hydration needs.

“Every day I exercise, hydrate and recover with Aqua-VD. I choose Aqua-VD for its quality,” said Van Damme.  

“This is the best hydration product out there. I’m really pleased to be working with New Zealand Nutritionals on Aqua-VD and we’re looking forward to helping everyone reach their hydration goals.”

“The difference between Aqua-VD and other electrolyte products is in the quality,” said New Zealand Nutritionals Managing Director Callum Stewart.

“Aqua-VD products are GMO free, use natural flavours, contain New Zealand sourced salt, contain over 18 percent natural coconut water per serve and contain 5 key electrolytes, not only that but they taste fantastic and each have their own unique ingredients for unique functions.

“This premium product includes a high dose of electrolytes, amino acids, herbal extracts proven to enhance hydration, and a generous amount of natural coconut water, nature’s electrolyte, and New Zealand sourced salt.

“Aqua-VD is proudly New Zealand-manufactured and is designed for anyone looking to stay hydrated, not just athletes.”

Stewart says Van Damme’s team reached out to Christchurch-based New Zealand Nutritionals about the possibility of a partnership on a hydration product at the end of 2022.

“Initially, I didn’t know who I was emailing, I just knew that this person represented a high-profile individual who was passionate about health and wellbeing. 

“When I found out it was Jean-Claude Van Damme it was a pretty cool moment and it’s amazing to work with him. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for our family supplement business and it’s great for New Zealand’s international image.

“We’re proud to be launching Aqua-VD. The fact that one of the world’s biggest action stars is endorsing a New Zealand product speaks volumes about the product’s quality and we’re excited to help Kiwis reach peak hydration.”

Aqua-VD launched in Health 2000 stores across New Zealand on 4 June and is available to purchase online for Australians. It has plans to expand to further countries, with distribution deals being finalized in the Middle East region, USA and Europe.

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