Anchor ad reminds Kiwis to celebrate gift of milk

Anchor and TBWA\New Zealand have reimagined what the world would be like without milk to remind Kiwis to celebrate World Milk Day.

Anchor’s new ads shows what a melancholy place a milk-less world would be: committing cookie sacrilege by dipping delicious biscuits into tall glasses of water, starting the day off with bowls of water-soaked cereal, and causing grumpy cats everywhere to get even grumpier with Anchor’s Zero Lacto milk nowhere in sight.

These dystopian, devoid-of-dairy scenes coupled with the simple statement: “Thank Goodness for Milk” to remind viewers to remember the pivotal role milk plays.

These visual reminders of life without our beloved milk were a perfect way to celebrate World Milk Day, on June 1st, 2024. Happy World Milk Day!

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