Powershop fuming as Aussies rip off rebel

Slacktivists the world over see Che Guevara as the personification of rebellion and often wear t-shirts to show just how rebellious they are. As such, he’s become something of an unlikely advertising icon, used to sell everything from lip balm to Smirnoff to mousepads. But local electricity retailer Powershop, fresh from a well-received satirical campaign featuring various dictators using their power differently, is up in arms after an Aussie energy drink company called Powerbeverage ripped off an online banner featuring the freedom fighter. “They were too lazy to take the logo off, even,” says Peter Grazcer, from Powershop’s PR agency Sputnik. “Have a look. We just could not believe it when we stumbled on this shocker.”

Powershop said in a release: “The Aussies have made a national sport out of stealing our food, musicians, sports heroes and even our celebrities, but we think they may have gone too far this time by trying to pinch our advertising. A case of imitation as the sincerest form of flattery? Or just brazen Aussie cheek? You decide.”

All this talk of Che is making us want to buy an anti-Che Che t-shirt. And all this talk of power is making us want some Powerthirst.

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